June 7, 2015


Paper Publications:
  1. A Trust Based Model for Federated Identity Architecture to Mitigate Identity Theft (Link)
    7th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST-2012) in London, UK. , 2012
  2. Requirements to embrace cloud computing in Banking industry (Link)
    The 3rd Annual Conference on Electronic Banking and Payment Systems, 2014


Online Publication

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SC Magazine

  1. Critical patches target privilege escalation (12 May 2016) 

  2. Cerber ransomware on sale in Russian darknet with new scripting features (23 May 2016) 

  3.  Microsoft ends common password use and password lockout (31 May 2016) 

  4. Stealth Falcon spyware used on UAE critics (7 June 2016) 

  5. Windows zero day devalued as supply and demand takes hold, experts speculate (13 June 2016)  

  6. Guciffer 2.0 denies ties to Russian intelligence – acted at ‘own risk’ (4 July 2016)  

  7. 20 million Iranian mobile users’ data leaked but operator denies being hacked (8 July 2016)  

  8. Ransomware writers adopt cloud services (19 July 2016)  

  9. Telegram API flaw leaks 15 million Iranian users’ data (4 August 2016) 

     Interview Series

  10. Interview: Troels Oerting – “Reconciling security with innovation” (05 January 2017)  

  11. Interview: Hem Pant, Global CISO ING Wholesale Bank (17 March 2017) 

  12. Interview: Ashutosh Jain, CISO of Axis Bank (6 April 2017) 

  13. Interview: Abeer Khedr, InfoSec director at National Bank of Egypt (25 July 2017) 

  14. Interview: Dr Fatemi Ardakani, director, Bank Melli Iran: ID & authentication (30 Aug 2017)

  1. Irongate malware targets industrial control systems – but is it in the wild or not? (3 June 2016) 

  2.  North Korea stole F-15 blueprints and 42,000 defense-related documents from South Korea (14 June 2016) 

 Security Affairs

  1. British navigation tech “eLoran” is under examination of US military to thwart GPS jamming

  2. Facebook positive step to use PGP for sending encrypted notification emails 

  3. Self-driving cars cars hacking, a real scenario

  4. NIST is seeking more advanced tattoo forensic analysis

  5. Facebook’s astonishing AI algorithm in Facial Recognition 

  6. A review of the Kofer Ransomware Campaign 

  7. Tough weekend for Kaspersky patching a buffer overflow vulnerability 

  8. How to hack airbag in Audi TT on other models 

  9. JPMorgan hackers also hacked an anti-fraud corporation 

  10. Nest camera, has a different definition for Turn off Mode 

  11. PrivaTegrity might bring an end to Crypto Wars 

  12. Thousands of WordPress websites used as a platform to launch DDOS 

  13. Two Years to General Data Protection Regulation Compliance 

  14. Fujitsu targets payment industry with PalmSecure Technology (15 March 2016)

  15. Analyzing Cyber Capabilities of the ISIS (30 April 2016)

  16. Cyber-crimes cost victims over $1 Billion according to 2015 IC3 report (31 May 2016)