Quick Look – MacOS’s feature in Microsoft Windows

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Quick view illustration
A snapshot from Quick Look

One of the first difference that has piqued my attention when I started using Mac computers was Quick Look. It’s so handy and useful and I always wished Windows had the same feature.

Quick Look offers a fast, full-size preview of nearly any kind of file without opening the file. Just press the Space bar to rotate photos, trim audio and video clips, and use Markup to crop photos and annotate images or PDFs. You can use Quick Look for items in Finder windows, on your desktop, in emails and messages, and other places. (Source: Apple.com)

Fortunately, it didn’t take long and my wish came true. This feature can be installed in Windows 10 via the link below:

Get QuickLook – Microsoft Store

slow turtle

I found Quick Look a bit slow on par to MacOS, but that might be due to shortage of memory in my windows computer.

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