Why we should get addicted to TED Talks

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Imagine you are in a library with 1 million books and you really want to read them, at least those that pique your interest. There are still huge volumes of books to read. Are we able to do it?

Of course, not.

We are restricted to 24 hours per day and we cannot go any further, but the good news is technology which has provided solutions for this problem to a great extent. The internet is almost available everywhere we go, we have smart phones capable of storing 1000 hours of videos and talks and finally we had TED which is freely available to all of us.

At the time of writing this blog post (3oth March 2017), there are 2418 talks available on TED.com which has been given with successful, genius, hardworking people. Each talk takes between 10 to 20 minutes but in fact is an excerpt of years of research, reading, experiments.

Interestingly, each of the speakers has gone through a systematic selection approach and has spent considerable time to prepare their speech and presentation. The result of their endavour becomes easily and freely available to us. In fact, by watching each of the talks, we find out about the result of their professional and personal lifes. Isn’t it amazing?

I used the library example to tell you that nowadays we are able to know more of what all those books hold for us, just with watching TED talks or other educational resource online. Each speaker has read a small portion of that library and tell you the excerpt in an entertaining presentation.

To me, TED talks are a simple and effective way to increase my knowledge in areas that normally I won’t be able to spend time and read about. Also, as a person whose second language is English, I have the opportunity to learn a few interesting word while I watch a talk.

I have watched lots of TED talks but there are many more to go through and learn from. It is amazing that TED website has categorised talks based on topics alphabetically and  made several playlists to enhance accissbility. The ability of downlonding talks on smart phones, makes it possible use the best those moments that we mostly waste including queue lines, bus or tube times, and so on.

I would like to tell you about an intersting moment which happened to me while I had an interview with a partener at Deloitte UK. We were talking about a host of topics that helps him to realise whether I am a good fit for the organisation or not?

I was telling him that how I try to use my cell phone to my advantage as a prodcutivity tool and named some applications including TED and then I added that I am kind of TED addicted. He was suprissed and jotted down that in the evaluation form, and asked me talk more about my interntion and roots of watching TED and I suddenly realised its imortance.

To summarise all mentioned above, we need to know more to become better people, parents, emplyees, entrepruners, etc. and TED is one freely available resource to us. I have been watching one talk per day for a while and I am so excited to learn new topics every day. I hope you’ve found this blog post informative and please tell me if you know any other resources.

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