Apply Kaizen to read 50,000 pages under 14 years

I heard about Kaizen for the first time while I was studying MBA in London. The lecturer was telling us about Toyota Production System and he explained Kaizen.

What is Kaizen?


Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement, according to Kizen Institute.


I found this philosophy amazing and have applied in several areas in my personal life. The outcome is astonishing and encouraging. we are living in “lack of time” era and we need to be even more competitive in the variety of aspects on par to the rest of the history. We are left with no choice to sacrifice our passions due to time scarcity. But, Kaizen is the best solution to solve the foregoing problem and pursue our passions and dreams.

After some self-improvement project via Kaizen, I decided to address one of my biggest wishes, slowly and continuously. My career demands up-to-date professionals, which is not possible without daily reading of new materials as well as attending seminars and webinars. But, what can I do with my passion for reading about other topics? I don’t have enough time left for books related to the history, art, so forth and so on.

Reading Speed

I’ve come up with a simple solution based on Kaizen. I’ve defined a goal to read “50,000 pages in nearly 14 years”. 50,000 pages are daunting and 14 years seems long and so far. But let me explain this plan in more details.

If you read 10 pages every single day, you would be able to read 50,000 pages in less than 14 years (13,7 year precisely)

Any normal human can read at least 250 words per minute


A page of normal books consists of 250 to 500 words

therefore, it is possible to read 1o pages in 20 minutes or less if you read faster.

“You are today who you’ll be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read.” –Charlie Tremendous Jones

I am quite confident that we can make time for reading 10 pages every day and you should imagine the outcome of this effort. You will have read 50,000 pages and covered most of the book you’d like to read before the 14th year comes to the end. Thinking about the knowledge and insight of this reading projects inspires me to reconsider the way I use my 24 hours.


List of the books I have read through this project:


  1. Summary of Shahnameh in Persian Prose (The Epic of the Persian Kings)  – 550 Pages
    By Dr S. M. Dabir Siaghi
  2. Kimia Khatoon (a novel about the daughter of Rumi) – 283 Pages
    By Saeedeh Qods
  3. The Clown (Ansichten eines Clowns)  – 353 Pages
    By Heinrich Böll
  4. The Compound Effect  – 200 Pages
    By Darren Hardy
  5. Outliers: The Story of Success – 320 pages
    By Malcolm Gladwell
  6. The Forty Rules of Love – 510 pages
    By Elif Şafak
  7. Management Consulting (4th Edition) – 322 Pages
    By Wickham, Louise /Wilcock, Jeremy
  8. Asshole No More – 239 Pages
    By Xaviar Crement (Don’t read this book. A forgotten 25+ years old book got translated into Farsi and become a top seller and republished over 29 times. It’s silly and I cannot get my head around it.)


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