How to win a MBA project?

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MBA students are required to undertake a project module to apply the knowledge they have gained in other MBA modules in a real world problem. This project can be either Entrepreneurship or Consultancy .

From the beginning of my MBA,  I was worried about the project and I didn’t know how I can get one consultancy project. Our lecturers  advise  us about but it didn’t work for me and I had to find another way that I’m going to write about in the following:

I was sharing my problem with one of my friends and she gave me a fantastic pair of advice: Startups

She was so right, and It did work for me perfectly. These are the steps I took and I hope help you as well


  1. I conducted a research on the most successful startups based in London and active in IT or information security industry.
  2. I sent an email to almost 50 companies and told them about MBA project, benefits they will receive from this project and also about myself by attaching my resume. At the end, I expressed my willingness to conduct the project for them free of charge. Among all those 50 companies I contacted,  8  reached back to me 

    (6) turned my offer down

    (2)  were willing to work with me


  1. I had a couple of skype interviews and  I got the project, fortunately.

I’m so delighted as I managed to get a project that is 100% related to my security and banking software background and enables me to improve my skills in management and security simultaneously.

I believe, MBA project is a win-win situation for the both parties. It helps startups become more equipped with the necessary management structures while students can reinforce their understanding in a fresh and entrepreneurial atmosphere.


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