Personal Branding Series – Part1

Hello my dear readers!

Laszlo Bock ,the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, Inc wrote in a LinkedIn post that “You should write one page in your resume for each 10 years of your work experience”

Right after reading this quote, a question might pop up in your head that if I have less than 10 years, what I should and could include in my resume. Mr.Bock’s suggestion makes it crystal clear that the resume is not as valuable as it used to be and some other factors are getting more attention these days. Submitting a well-written C.V. is not the only thing you need to get into interview sessions. We are living in digital era and each of us owns its brand. Our footprint  and presence on the Internet as a new notion, plays a very vital role in the 21st century. It includes what we share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and our personal website if we have one.

Personal branding is an interesting topic and is key to professional success nowadays . I had the opportunity to speak for couple of enthusiastic people about that this Sunday (2015-06-7). In the session personal branding, digital footprint, and personal websites were discussed and the recent survey published by  and .Me registrar was described for the audience. Fortunately, I have received great feedback regarding the Sunday session and we are going to have more talks about personal branding and related topics.