Ubuntu Mate Logo - auto login

Auto Login in Ubuntu Mate

Auto-login could pose security risks to your environment. At a minimum, the auto-login enabled computer would be prone to unauthorised access of whoever passes it by. But, there might be situations you want to take the risk, for example at your home lab. If you need to enable Ubuntu Mate to login automatically then edit Read more about Auto Login in Ubuntu Mate[…]

Quick Look

Quick Look – MacOS’s feature in Microsoft Windows

One of the first difference that has piqued my attention when I started using Mac computers was Quick Look. It’s so handy and useful and I always wished Windows had the same feature. Quick Look offers a fast, full-size preview of nearly any kind of file without opening the file. Just press the Space bar Read more about Quick Look – MacOS’s feature in Microsoft Windows[…]

Why we should get addicted to TED Talks

Time is the most valuable and scarce available to mankind. We desire to know about various bodies of knowledge but we don’t have enough time to read books in those diverse areas but technology and the Internet have enabled us to do so and watching talks on TED.com is one simple solution to the foregoing problem. In this post I will explain this topic and provide you with my solution.